Tech Metallers ‘Hedra’ Release Debut E.P. ‘Mind Dimension’

‘Hedra’ are a Technical Metalband formed in April 2014 they have just finished recording their first E.P. ‘Mind Dimension’ and are now ready for touring as many places as they can.
Hedras in fluences range from bands such as Will Haven, Meshuggah, Architects, Korn, Tesseract and Slipknot plus many underground styles without plagiarising the fore-mentioned.
The band have produced an eclectic style of fusion and power used in modern day metal music and will not bow down to commercial structures.
Hedra’s crushing 7 stringed Guitar ri ffs, 5 String Bass and precision Electrokit drumming have brought together a style that is unbeatable and powerful in their live performances.
The band have intense grooves and at times complicated structures and melody, with over 20 Years musical experiences from members supporting bands such as Strapping Young Lad, Skindred, Raging Speedhorn & Sikth to name a few over their careers, the band stress the importance of diversity & originality in a progressive band such as this, they will also play anywhere they can to deliver a precise & powerful show that leaves people wondering why they’ve never witnessed this before!
Hedra have a very positive outlook & currently recording more Concept E.P.’s and an Album have a full equipment list, their own Tour Van and endless possibilities.

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