Ten ‘Gothica’ Album Review


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Having gone through various line up changes through the years ‘Ten’ have just released their 13th studio album ‘Gothica’ on the 7th July, and it is the third offering with current line up Gary Hughes (vocals, BGV, Guitar, bass and programming ), Dann Rosingana (Guitar), Steve Grocott (Guitar), John Halliwell (Guitar), Steve McKenna (Bass), Darrel Treece-Birch (Keyboards) and Max Yates (Drums) with additional vocals coming from Karen Fell.
Dennis Ward joins Hughes on the mixing and mastering duties with Hughes promising, as it’s their 13th album, something a bit more sinister than on their previous output whilst still holding true to the traditional traits of a TEN album.

‘Gothica’ kicks off with an 8 min epic in ‘The Grail’ a story about king arthurs crusaders adventures to find the holy grail told with a fine voice and thick heavy riffs and masterful melodic hooks, and lets face the fact that Gary Hughes, Dennis Ward and Co could write produce and perform a song about a tin of spam and the end result would be an Epic. This is how Gothica pans out as you are taken on a musical journey through the fantasy section of your local library with everything being covered from ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ told with a plethora of heavy riffs mystical piano outtros and meaty guitar hooks.
‘A Man For All Seasons’ is an historic number about Henry VIII ‘s fall and mental deterioration which begins like your favourite Blackadder episode before sweeping us away in a swirl of bass and thick guitar riffs, which turns into a 7 min history lesson told by your favourite teacher Mr Gary Hughes.
‘In My Dreams’ is as commercial as you can expect from any ‘Ten’ release told in Garys unique delivery and timing all about one boys dream to find the perfect woman (which everyone can relate too) riffs and hooks backed by a great singalong chorus and foot tapping beat.
‘Welcome To The Freak Show’ is a dark and erotic affair starting with a trip to the fairground before turning into a mesmeric melodic little number with a great foot tapping beat and great riffs and singalong chorus as with the entire album the guitar solos are sublime and will have you air guitar fans reaching boiling point and in full ripper mode.
‘La Luna Dra-cu-la’ is a rythmic Celtic number with dark lyrics and a thick heavy riff throughout its almost ‘Over The Hills And Far Away’ with added Pow strangely additive and will be one of the tracks you will be drawn to over and over as your fists start pumping and heads a banging.

In short ‘Gothica’ by Ten is an album that Gary Hughes And Co can be really proud of as it stands out  certainly up with this years best releases and you really need in your collection it will suit everyone from the air guitar purist to the lyric connoisseur it has something for everyone and a little more besides. 

Rating 10

TEN is:

Gary Hughes – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Programming
Dann Rosingana – Guitar
Steve Grocott – Guitar
John Halliwell – Guitar
Steve McKenna – Bass Guitar
Darrel Treece-Birch – Keyboards
Max Yates – Drums and Percussion

Additional Backing Vocals – Karen Fell