The Answer/Dead Daisies Corporation Sheffield Mon 14th Nov

Tonight the Corporation in Sheffield is buzzing with anticipation for the entertainment is no other than those Irish rockers The Answer, Double Headlining with The Dead Daisies with support coming from Jackaman.

It was a pretty early start for us tonight and first up was the delightful Lynn ‘Jackaman’ and the task of warming the crowd, which was already quite sizeable by this point it is never going to be an easy one, but ‘Jackaman’ did so with ease with her acoustic blues fuelled set although only a brief set it was fantastic, and for those that missed her spot they were lucky enough to catch her with a duet with The Answer’s ‘Neeson’ on ‘Nowhere Freeway’
Wasting no time ‘The Answer’ took to the stage with their title track to their latest album release ‘Solas’ which goes back more to their celtic roots and the sound and enthusiasm was immense as ‘Neeson’ and the boys set too with ‘Beautiful World’ ‘New Horizon’ and Demon Driven Man’ before acoustically charged ‘Tunnel’ taken from new release ‘Solas’ had everyone swaying with arms aloft. The sublime and sleazy guitar intro for ‘Waste Your Tears’ had ‘Neeson’ claiming guitarist ‘Paul Mahon’ had demons and boy did he. ‘In This Land’ had ‘Mahon’ on mandolin and ‘Neeson’ on acoustic guitar for a great celtic number written about back home says ‘Neeson’. ‘Nowhere Freeway’ had ‘Neeson’ joined by ‘Lynne Jackaman’ for a great little rocker that had the crowd jumping. After a couple of jaunties through the delighted crowd during ‘Demon Eyes’ and ‘Spectacular’ it was almost time up, not before ‘Neeson’ explained that his son was sick on their last visit here and it was one which he just could not commit too, and his performance on that night suffered because of this, but tonights performance was on a whole new level and loved being here, something which the crowd really warmed too, before ending on a high with ‘Battle Cry’.

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Next up was ‘The Dead Daisies’ storming in with ‘Long Way To Go’ ‘Mexico’ and the very aptly titled ‘Make Some Noise’ which is what the crowd was doing by this point, as ‘Doug Aldrich’ shredded his way through each number with the look of a devil possessed backed up by the frighteningly thunderous drums of ‘Brian Tichy’ and the cheeky and sometimes sleazy vocals of ‘John Corabi’ reminding us we are here to rock old skool style as he made his way through the set-list with all the swagger you would come to expect from a frontman of his caliber. It is said that tickets for ‘The Dead Daisies’ gigs are becoming more and more difficult to get hold of and you can see why if you are one lucky enough to get them, its a pure adrenaline rush of sleaze rock not for the faint of heart. There was plenty on offer from the band which had bassist ‘Marco Mendoza’ swaying and swinging for the duration their set included some cover versions ‘Fortunate Son’ ‘Helter Skelter’ and Who classic ‘Join Together’ all met with rapturous applause and deafening roars as the band joined together in harmonious chorus. As the moment came and ‘Corabi’ introduced their next song which was to be a ballad from the last record which had everyone in attendance scratching at their heads, before ‘Corabi’ explained that’s right f*****S there isn’t one before launching into punk infused rocker ‘Mainline’ this is our version of a ballad exclaims ‘Corabi’. by the end and ‘Midnight Moses’ everyone had just a little ringing in their ears and a smile to their faces as they had just been rocked ‘The Dead Daisies’ way.

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