The DAMNATION GALLERY Reveal Artwork And Tracklist Of The New Album ‘BLACK STAINS’ Out January 2018

BLACK STAINS, new album, will be released January, the 27th for Leynir Booking and Crartmusiclab Music Press Office.

Now  DAMNATION GALLERY have announced and unveiled the cover of their new album BLACK STAINS.

Check out below for cover artwork and tracklisting::


Equilibrium et Chaos
Damnation Gallery
Black stains
Evil extreme
Transcendence Hymn
Rest in pestilence
Dark Soul




The band was formed in 2016 from the ashes of Insanity Hazard and STAG and reflects the will of Luca Scovazzi (Low), Edoardo Napoli (Lord Edgard), Francesca Queirolo (Scarlet) and Federico Nascosi (Naskull) to freely express their creative talent. Being relegated to a stale musical formula for too long, they decided to turn the page and to give life to a musical horror scenario, topped by the personal tastes of each member.
The passion for British and black/thrash metal of Lord Edgard blends perfectly with the NWOBHM tastes of Low, the death metal attitude of Scarlet and the thrash metal fury of Naskull. All is mixed up with a strong stage presence, with very evident theatrical elements.
The topics covered come from situations of personal experience of the artists: they concern life in general, everyday fears and paranoids, nightmares and all that you have kept hidden in your depths.
A five track EP named “Transcendence Hymn” was released in September 2016. It is a record with a very rough atmosphere, which shows the band for what it is. After a month, Masked Dead Records published a limited edition in a mini-cd format, limited to 50 copies.

Not much else to say about us: who wants to embark on a journey into fear … well … should only join us.


Damnation Gallery is:

Scarlet – Vocals
Lord Edgard – Guitar
Lord of Plague – Guitar
Low – Bass Guitar / Back Vocals
Coroner – Drums