The Dead XIII Return! New Album ‘Dark Days’ To Be Released In February 2018

All killer, no filler UK metallers The Dead XIII, have just announced that 2018 will see a brand new studio album release. Entitled ‘Dark Days’, the album continues the vicious onslaught found on the band’s debut album Catacombs (2015) and raises the bar in every way imaginable.

The Dead XIII interspersed life on the road with writing and recording the album throughout 2017, bringing a greater sense of maturity and experience to the song-writing. Thematically, Dark Days shifts the focus to more psychological horrors, where the real enemy is not seen, not just lurking in the shadows, but in the shadows of your mind. February 2018 will see Dark Days for everyone, are you ready?

The band are also running an Indiegogo campaign to allow fans new and old to be part of the album’s release. With various cool perks on offer this will be the only platform to include pre-orders of ‘Dark Days’ in CD format. You can support the band and the release of ‘Dark Days’ below:


Not familiar with The Dead XIII? Check out “Daemons” from their last album Catacombs…..



About The Dead XIII

Having exploded onto the North West UK’s music scene in 2013, The Dead XIII came to national attention in the Summer of 2015 with their debut full length album Catacombs being acclaimed by both fans and the UK rock music press.

Since then, they have headlined or taken part in numerous highly successful tours with bands such as Doyle from The Misfits, Farewell, My Love, Ashestoangels and Griever just to name a few. The Summer of 2017 saw them invited to headline the Indomitus Stage at Scotland’s Wildfire Festival, as well as an appearance at Macmillan Festival in Nottingham. Most recently, The Dead XIII headlined The Bloodlines Tour with City Of Ashes across the UK, culminating in a traditional Halloween show in their hometown of Manchester.

2018 represents the start of the next chapter for The Dead XIII, and it promises to be a thrilling ride.


The Dead XIII are:

Kurt Blackshard – Vocals
Ste Mahoney – Lead Guitar
Symon Strange – Guitar / Synth
Paul Ryan – Bass
Spike Owen – Drums