The Fallen State Album Review-The Fall From Ruin(E.p)


Artist-The Fallen State
Album-The Fall From Ruin(E.p)
Genre- Rock/Heavy Rock
Release Date-Out Now
‘The Fall From Ruin’ is ‘The Fallen State’s’ 5th E.P release and promises to be one of their best to date with super vocals and chunky guitars, rock lovers are in for a real treat with this latest 5 track release from the fast rising rockers The Fallen State
This super E.P kicks off with ‘The Quickening’ with a highly charged and in your face rhythm and deep brusing guitars you just know where you are heading with ‘The Fall From Ruin’ and that is into a super rocktastic frenzy of headbanging debauchery.
Although the pace is slowed slightly for ‘Four Letter Words’ its not enough to stop you from reaching for the jack and favourite air guitar as you try to keep pace with the blistering guitar solo as you scream your own ‘Four Letter Words’ and raise your horns to ‘The Fallen State’
Lead single ‘Nova’ is a modern day power ballad with soothing vocals that turn to powerful roars and the mellow strums turn into crunching riffs with powerhouse drums and bass to accompany the chorus of ‘I Must Go On Without You By My Side, But Your Always On My Mind’

The Fallen State’ have truly delivered with ‘The Fall From Ruin’ it is a great modern rock E.p that will have you foot stomping and air guitar screeching instantly.

Rating 9