The First HRH Sleaze Got Off To A Bai Bang Interview HrH Sleaze

HRH Sleaze First Event Kicked Off This Past Weekend And What An Event. The Only Downside Was Missing Our Slot With The Most Awesome Bai Bang, But The Wonders Of Modern Science Enabled Us To Conduct Our Interview With The Awesomely Courteous And Damn Great Rockers. Which Meant Sleaze Went With A Bai Bang!


WeRockWebzine: How was the show, was it as good for you guys up there as it was for us in attendance?

Bai Bang: The shows were good.Both shows.The unplugged was great ! Nice to do unplugged too.But the Electric show was ELECTRIC!!! We felt very good on stage! The audience was GREAT! We loved every second of it!!!

WeRockWebzine: You recently played Rock It and Wacken how does your experience of HrH compare?

Bai Bang: Wacken and Rock it festival was very good too! Wacken is BIG!! Great crowd too! But Sheffield was very special! Soo nice to meet the fans and play some new songs from the new album! HRH really rocked!

WeRockWebzine: Your Recently released album ‘Rock Of Life’ your first album in four years and your second on the Aor Heaven label could you tell us a little about that?

Bai Bang: Rock of Life is our 4th album on AOR Heaven/AOR Metal. It took some time due to the fact that we were on the road a lot! Now I’m glad that it took some extra time to do the album.The songs are the best we have done so far.

WeRockWebzine: Which includes a rather stunning version of the ‘ Only The Best Die Young’ track from your 2009 album ‘Are You Ready’ could you tell us how that came about?

Bai Bang: I wrote the song in honour of my brother that died too Young too early. 1,5 year ago a very good friend died in an accident. We played the song at the funeral.The Church was packed with people .400 came. It sounded so good in the Church unplugged so I decided to record it again. A tribute to all who lost someone too early. I really love the unplugged version.

WeRockWebzine: Do you have a favourite track from the ‘Rock Of Life’?


Bai Bang: I really like STOP MESSING AROUND. The lyrics says a lot….I like the groove.But I Think every song stands out! Its the best album so far.

WeRockWebzine: The music scene has changed quite drastically over the years how would you say it has affected you as musicians?

Bai Bang: Rockclubs Closes everywhere but I see the light too…I’ve seen a lot of new clubs too.I Think the rock scene is good.I’m so happy to see all people that comes to festivals and clubs and really ROCK!!! WE love them all!

WeRockWebzine: Where do you continually find the inspiration in such a dogged arena to write, produce, and perform with such consistency and desire?

Bai Bang: Its in my blood! To write songs is great.I Always record wherever I am.On a flight,in a tour-bus or at home .I use my mobile to record ideas.It can be some lyrics,riffs or hooks that crosses my mind.I record direct so I don forget.Then I bring my ideas to our producer and we go from there. I’m Always doing hooks.I love when our fans can singalong with us at the first listening. I add the great riffs and strong melodies. Positive vibes and energy is the best medicine. I/we feel sooo good every time we play live.The whole recording time is very nice but playing live is the very BEST.

WeRockWebzine: If you could share the stage with anyone alive or dead who would it be?

Bai Bang: I would love to share the stage with T-Rex ,Marc Bolan. He was my first idol.It would be great to share stage with Aerosmith and Bon Jovi too.

WeRockWebzine: Do you have any regrets over your careers?

Bai Bang: Regrets ……That I had people with bad negative energy too close in my life and in the band. I promised myself 5 years ago to get rid of these people. So I did!!!! Now we have the best line up! Good vibes and energy!

WeRockWebzine: Do you feel you have been Livin your Dream?

Bai Bang: Im really living my Dream. I wrote the song Living My Dream telling a Little story about it.To be able to tour and record albums is a privilege!

WeRockWebzine: What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t in a band ?



Bai Bang: I think I would have been a football player……

WeRockWebzine: Any advice you could offer to young and upcoming bands out there?

Bai Bang: To all bands out there my advice is-Have fun.Stick to your band.To play in many different bands is bad and good.There will Always sooner or later a conflict.But of course if you are not satisfied in the band-LEAVE.Its not good for you or the rest of the band if the band have someone that is not happy.Try to work together.Stay positive.Its never easy! But have FUN!!!

WeRockWebzine: The future of Bai Bang what are your hopes and what can the fans expect?

Bai Bang: Bai Bang will play a lot.We really hope to make more HRH festivals!!!! I’ve already some ideas for a new album……..

WeRockWebzine: Thank You again for your time Diddi it was great seeing you and we will catch you again soon all the best and keep rockin Shane werockwebzine

Bai Bang: Thank you one more time for a GREAT HRH!!! We hope to come back to UK soon again! Rock on & Rock it.

A Very Special Thanks To Diddi And Bai Bang.