The Gang ‘The Gang’ Out Now

The debut release from The Gang featuring young and talented female singer Dory. It’s heavy, groovy, fast, melodic and very catchy. This sounds like if AC/DC and Deep Purple were one band. Pure classic rock ‘n’ roll – that’s what this album is all about!

The Gang’s style is a mixture of hard rock roots combined with modern sound and pure energy what together creates an explosive, intense and dynamic sound. With its works they follow the legacy of bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC, etc. however they are also influenced by modern rock bands like for example The Pretty Reckless, The White Stripes, Rival Sons or Wolfmother.


01. Let It Rock
02. Get Out of My Life
03. Rock ‘n’ Rebels
04. Only the Devil Knows
05. I Want More
06. You’re the One
07. Real Self
08. Lost Friend
09. Wild Hurricane
10. Different Today



The Gang is a Slovak rock band formed in 2013. It’s fronted by the Slovak hard rock guitarist and legend Vadim Busovsky, who is known as a member of a legendary band Dorian Gray. In 2016 the lead singer position has been taken by young and talented singer Dory whose uninterchangeable voice was noticed also by a judges in Rockova maturita 2016 contest, where the band due to its dynamic rocking live performance was awarded the third place. The Gang also performed at the biggest national rock festival Topfest 2016. Members of the band are except for Vadim and Dory bassist Tom the Thunder, classical educated keyboardist Iggy the Reaper and heavyweight drummer Dr. Evil.


Band Line-Up:
Dory – Lead Vocals
Vadim – Guitar
Iggy the Reaper – Keys
Tom the Thunder – Bass
Dr. Evil – Drums