THE GREAT RUSSIAN EMPIRE Release First Single “Blood Everywhere”

THE GREAT RUSSIAN EMPIRE (TGRE) is a dark rock collective from Montreal QC, born of a desire to create music in an environment where guitars don’t exist. This project features a double-bass approach from bassist Benoît Forté (The Lonely Sidewalkers/Coco Méliès/ex-Fallstaf/ex-North East Bistro) and bassist Nicolas Miquelon (Norilsk/Mortör/ex-Kintra).

The project is bred by the 1980’s new wave and early 1990’s alternative genre, by way of modern folk and various rock influences. Its bass orientation carries something different at its core, although familiar in its construction and arrangements. Far from referencing a pastiche, THE GREAT RUSSIAN EMPIRE’s name is a wink to the collective and eclectic nature of this musical venture.

TGRE released a first single, “Pig’s Blood” in 2014, to showcase the new entity’s persona. After revisiting the song’s arrangements, writing more material, and adding a few soldiers to its ranks (either permanent or session musicians), the collective re-entered the studio to assemble “Low Ends”. Dark in content, the EP’s lyrics are crafted around tragic personal events, and layered with vocals, violin and cello.

First Premiered on,  ‘Blood Everywhere’ Is THE GREAT RUSSIAN EMPIRE’s first single.Check It Out Below: 


Bassist Benoît Forté  comments:

“This is the heaviest song on the EP. The lyrics are related to the saturated media of the Dr. Guy Turcotte case, where he killed his two children. It was everywhere, it almost drove me crazy one night going to bed. The only way I could free myself of the whole thing was putting lyrics to paper.” 

“Low Ends” is due out September 8, 2017 and will be available in digital format via Bandcamp along with the CD version presented in a gatefold digi-sleeve.

1. Full of Blood (6:19)
2. The Hands That Bring The Road Kill To The Side (3:49)
3. If Tomorrow Ever Comes (Cop Shoot Cop cover) (6:03)
4. Blood Everywhere (3:52)
5. Pig’s Blood (3:56)
6. The Fence (4:15)




EP Band and Live Line UP:
Benoît Forté – Bass
Nicolas Miquelon – Bass
Mathieu Lassonde – Drums

Additional guest musicians:
Jason Mateus – Vocals
Sara Jasmin – Violon
Julien Thibault – Cello