The Hawkins – Debut album! ‘Aint Rock n Roll!’ Out Now

There are many classic debut albums. Time will tell whether ”Ain’t Rock n Roll” will qualify as one of the chosen ones. Regardless, it remains an undisputed fact that it offers ten energetic songs that take the listener along for a high-speed ride that lasts just over half an hour.
The album starts off with a bang with ”Alco-Hole”, the shortest song, and barely touches the brakes before the, somewhat slower, epic ending with ”Will & Testament”. Along the ride you get another eight songs that all offer you the characteristic ”The Hawkins Sound”. Something unique, which few new bands manage to show off. ”Ain’t Rock n Roll” establishes The Hawkins as yet another name to add to the list of great Swedish rock bands.
“This album has been molded by us going through a lot of different things in life; friends
coming and going. Lovers coming and going. People being born, people passing away. This
record is like a 32 minute long slideshow of memories from the last three years.”
– Johannes Carlsson, The Hawkins