The Kathryn Wheel ‘Welcome To Hell Review’

Artist-The Kathryn Wheel
Album-Welcome To Hell (4 track E.P)
Release-Out Now

Cheshire based female fronted rockers The Kathryn Wheel have released a four track E.P ‘Welcome To Hell’ and its a bit of a starter before the main course and desserts, great lyrical content and delivered with a fine tone from Sarah K

Title track ‘Welcome To Hell’ with an almost haunting guitar soundtrack and rolling bassline catchy drumbeat which will have your feet tapping and swaying as you declare ‘Welcome To Hell’ the guitar solo toward the end of the track accompanies but never oversteps the mark rather fades in and out without too much fuss.

‘Heard It All Before’ has got that vibe,just like being teleported to the late seventies and putting on your new Blondie album for the first time its a foot-tapping rocker which will have you singing along and riding the Kathryn Wheel till the very end crescendo.

‘We Call It Love’ continues the bass infused rock chops with the subtle Blondie’esque vibe all the way to the guitar solo where air guitars will be graced across the land as you strum to a dizzy stupor as you fall from the spinning Kathryn Wheel