With a rich vein of progressive, modern and classic alt-rock stamped into
their DNA, The Lotus cite Queen, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, System Of A Down
and Pink Floyd all as major influences in fashioning their expansive sound.
Their music may be difficult to categorise, but it is easy to embrace and
adore. The Lotus are sure to turn heads as they strike out with the release
of their new video single ‘Mars-X’, out now –


Originally formed in 2004 in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, The Lotus
built a steady fanbase throughout Rome and Milan. By 2008, the band had
played their very first US tour which saw the youthful riff maestros take in
cities throughout California and Texas. The inventive quartet then released
their debut album Forgotten Silence in 2010 via Copro Records.  Much acclaim
and praise followed, and so too did further touring throughout the whole of
the UK. By June 2013, the quartet dropped a new EP, Tomorrow, along with
their first video single Why Are We Still Living in the Yesterdays? 

The band then went on to
release another EP in 2015, Awakening, which is a hefty piece of a
progressive and psychedelic ambient rock that will delve into your inner


The Lotus are currently working on their second full length album with Paul
Reeve (Muse) at the helm, and this record promises to be their best work to
date. The alternate crew have also released a new video single for, Mars-X.

The single is a twisted voyage
of modern synth prog which bathes in the turbulent waters of alt-rock. Part
atmospheric, part groove, it is aggressive and ultimately mesmerising. With
further singles and European shows to following during the coming months,
The Lotus are here to take over your world.