THE NEW DEAL release ‘Canning Town Beach’ Single & Video Out Now

THE NEW DEAL a project founded by UK Oi pioneers Cockney Rejects frontman Jeff Turner and Swedish boogie rock frontman Sulo Karlsson (The Crunch, Diamond Dogs) have released their first single & video for ‘Canning Town Beach’, on March 10th via Misty Recordings.

The video can be viewed here:



‘Canning Town Beach’ sounds like nothing you would expect these gentlemen would sound together, it’s like a postcard from a forgotten London a distant cousin to Ray Davies “Waterloo Sunset”, the roughness of Ian Dury’s “new boots and panties” and the harmonies of the early Small Faces on Carnaby Street. Even if these boys are brought up on early glam and Punkrock you wouldn’t be surprised if the recording date of ‘Canning Town Beach’ would say 1968.

The song ‘Canning Town Beach’ was produced by Kevin Porée.




Jeff Turner (Cockney Rejects)
Sören Sulo Karlsson (The Crunch, Diamond Dogs)

Sören Sulo Karlsson says: “To have that organic sound in the year of 2018 my friends, that’s a New Deal !!”.