The Sloths are Back on Tour 50 Years Later With Video

In 1965, they started a band and tried to be rock stars. Fifty years later, they’re trying again.

Most were students at Beverly Hills High School, others were dropouts. They rehearsed in their garages playing the music of the British bands that inspired them; The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Them, The Who, as well as the American blues and rhythm & blues musicians who had inspired those groups; Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, and John Lee Hooker.



The teenage band played virtually every venue in Hollywood; The Stratford, Sea Witch, The Hullabaloo, Hollywood Palladium, The Whiskey, Bito Lidos, and The Galaxy. They shared the bill with The Doors, Love, Iron Butterfly, The Seeds, and British icons Pink Floyd and The Animals.

THE SLOTHS were approached by Impression Records and recorded ‘MAKIN LOVE’. Taking the 45 to local radio stations themselves ‘Makin’ Love’ was considered too controversial for airplay.

By the end of Summer 1966, the group disbanded. Over the years those few 45s of THE SLOTHS music disappeared into basements, attics, and garage sales.

Unbeknownst to them during the 1980s MAKIN LOVE was added to a collection of garage band music and the album was released as BACK FROM THE GRAVE: VOL 4.

Over the next three decades a few more 45s of MAKIN LOVE surfaced. Now amongst the garage band collectors this was a much-desired record to own.

By 2011, MAKIN LOVE in its original sleeve was selling on eBay for $6,550.00.

Rock magazine editor MIKE STAX wanted to do an article in his UGLY THINGS publication. He was going to try solving the mystery of ‘Who Were The Sloths?’ He found original guitarist JEFF BRISKIN. Slowly others were found…MICHAEL RUMMANS, STEVE DIBNER, DON SILVERMAN, and TOMMY McLOUGHLIN. Sadly, it was learned that singer/songwriter HANK DANIELS and drummer SAM KAMRASS had passed on.

The some of the guys decided to get together and play for the first time in almost 45 years…and, of course, in a garage. They resurrected the songs from their 1965 song list. Somehow the sound, the passion, and high energy was back exactly as it was in the 60s. Six month later Mike Stax booked them on a bill with his group The Loons in San Diego. The re-born band were wildly received by the crowd of young garage, punk, and 60s rock fans. THE SLOTHS were ‘back from the grave’!

Since 2011 the band has released a new album THE SLOTHS’ BACK FROM THE GRAVE, a music video ONE WAY OUT, and has played over 100 gigs including 3 years in a row at SXSW in Austin, the PONDEROSA STOMP in New Orleans, The ROXY and HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM, the ECHO & ECHO-PLEX in Hollywood, UGLY THINGS 30th ANNIVERSARY in San Diego, and the PURPLE WEEK-END in Leon, Spain. Their album is coming out on vinyl in 2017. The Album is coming out in Europe and UK as Ltd. Digipack with Bonustracks and as Download in 2018.

The Song “I Survived 27” is going to be avialable just on physical version of European release as LTD. Digipack!

Label: Eternal Sound Records


1. Never Enough Girls

2. End of My Rope

3. Everybodys Tryin 2 B Somebody

4. A Cutie Named Judy

5. One Way Out

6. Lust

7. Gotta Get Fired

8. Haunted

9. Before I Die

10. Wanna New Life

11. Makin Love (50 Years Later)

12. “I Survived 27“ (Bonustrack)

Line Up:
Tommy McLoughlin: Lead Singer & Harmonica
Mike Rummans: Bass, Guitar, Cello & BG Vocals
Patrick Pooch Dipuccio: Guitar & BG Vocals
Marc Weddington: Guitar & Bass
Ray Herron: Drums & BG Vocals