The Soap Girls Societys Rejects Review

Artist Soap Girls
Album-Societys Rejects
Genre- Rock/Punk/Revolt Rock
Release Date-21st July


South African based French born sisters Ca(Millie) and Noe(MIE) Debray, hail from South Africa and were given their name by the general public back in 2004. “We’ve been The SoapGirls since we were 8 and 9 selling hand made soap and street performing for various causes, we did this 365 days of the year for 9 years”.

The Soap Girls release their full length album Societys Rejects on the 21st July and what is on offer is anarchy, rebellion and straight out f*** society or is it?
On first glance you could very much think The Soap Girls are just another female act with a rebellious attitude think back to the late seventies with the likes of ‘Blondie’ forward on to the eighties and there was ‘Madonna’ ‘Cyndi Lauper’and back to today what do ‘The Soap Girls’ have to offer.
The message ‘The Soap Girls’are trying to portray with ‘Societys Rejects’ is more about how society may reject you for acting, looking, being different or just having different views having a different sexual preference, encoraging and giving you confidence to say F*** them and be yourself…..

‘The Soap Girls’ consist of Ca(Millie) and Noe(MIE) Debray and an unnamed drummer who completes the lineup, what can be said from the outset with album opener and title track ‘Societys Reject’ is the girls play with a raw passion and power in their very own way ‘Revolt Rock’ which to the listener comes across as a mix of punk, rock, and garage punk with a hale storm of F*** you and everyone and everything accompanied by a barrage of heavy riffs and pulsating bass lines.

‘Societys Rejects’ is like a hard rockin politically and sexually infused rock revolution with a wide variety of vocal delivery from poppy to rock grunge with tons of growls screams and snarls that only help deliver the required message in a raw energetic swagger. There is moments of calmed soulful vocals such as in ‘You Hate Losing’ which could be classed as a rock ballad of sorts and the pop tastic ‘Party in Hell’ to the aforementioned very much Blondie’esque ‘Bury Me’.

‘Societys Rejects’ then offers a raw energetic revolt rock 55 minutes of entertainment filled with passion power and inspirational messages, all delivered with a raw energetic titillating swagger.

Rating 9