THE SPINOFF Debut Single “Something Buried”

Montreal, QC’s THE SPINOFF are a fast pace melodic blast of nostalgia drawing upon inspiration from the late 90’s and early 00’s to forge a unique contribution to the second coming of pop-punk. The three piece rock outfit made up of long-time friends and collaborators Ben Cardilli (Guitar/Vocals), Dave Ritchie (Bass/Vocals), and Chris Johnston (drums) is actually a re-incarnation of their previously established Montreal based band Red October minus one player.

“The band name is a bit of an inside joke referring to the fact that the three of us used to play a similar style of music in Red October and now without our fourth member from that original lineup, we’re mixing things up again. If you’re familiar with your TV shows, it’s like “Joey” post “Friends” except hopefully more successful.” says vocalist / guitarist Ben Cardilli.

Focusing on a blend of modern punk and 90s alt rock similar to bands such as Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember, Blink 182, Everclear and Lit, THE SPINOFF are currently working on ten song debut album merging well-crafted and meaningful songs, almost of a singer-songwriter quality, with a fun and ferocious punk rock energy. 

Originally Premiered on, Check Out “Something Buried” Below:


“It’s a song about all the stages of a band breakup, from reviewing who contributed what to the kind of purgatory that follows, to finally deciding upon ways to let the dust settle and move forward.”  explains vocalist / guitarist Ben Cardilli.

Live, THE SPINOFF’s performance is an infectious experience. Showcasing their obvious love for playing their music and leaving their audiences enjoying a moment that is like a friend’s fun hangout with cold brews and great tunes.