Tonic Breed Release ‘Install Memory’

Following Outsold, Install Memory is the first ever EP released by Tonic Breed. Previously the band has been releasing the entire full albums right away. This is also the first time the four Norwegians have studio recorded cover songs for a release. After many years with live performances, releasing albums and music videos, Tonic Breed now put out what might be their most solid release so far.



1. Crypto Knight
2. Install Memory
3. Don’t Panic!
4. Overkill
5. Mummy Dust
6. Bad Company (Live in Oslo – January 5th, 2018)
7. Blackened Mind (Live in Trondheim – October 14th, 2017)



Tonic Breed is a Norwegian heavy metal band formed in Sarpsborg, Norway. As of 2018, the band has released two full length albums. After the release of “Outsold” in 2014, the band was credited as one of the most promising bands in Norway. Tonic Breed signed with Rob Mules Records in 2017. The latest release by the band is the EP «Install Memory», which was released September 2018. The EP includes the original songs and two live performances. It also includes two cover songs. «Overkill» by Motörhead and «Mummy Dust» by Ghost. This is the first time ever the guys from Sarpsborg have recorded cover songs in the studio. There’s also been made music videos for all the studio recorded songs. All of them with release dates in 2018.

Tonic Breed mainly play the heavy metal style of music, but also have heavy influences from thrash metal as well as groove metal. The band has been playing live music since the beginning and is still going with concerts to this day. And a little fun fact: Tonic Breed won two talent shows in their early days, resulting in studio time both times.

Future plans for the band is to release a third full album and continue live shows in between song writing.

Band Line-up:
Patrik K. Svendsen – guitar/vocals
Jørgen Abrahamsen – guitar
Rudi Golimo – bass
Ole Danielsen – drums