TORA TORA To Release ’Bastards Of Beale’ On 22nd February

A US hard rock band formed in Memphis in the late 80’s, Tora Tora’s 1989 debut album‘Surprise Attack’ (A&M) charted in the Billboard Top 50, with a non-album single entitled‘Dancing With A Gypsy’ appearing on the soundtrack to the hit movie ‘Bill and Ted’sExcellent Adventure’ that same year. A follow-up album, ‘Wild America’, was released in 1992,but their third record was shelved in 1994 as the musical climate shifted. The band went ona lengthy hiatus before reuniting in 2008, initially to celebrate the 20th anniversary of signingtheir record deal, then subsequently releasing three albums of archive material. The band wassigned by Frontiers in 2018 to record their first all new studio album in almost a quarter of acentury, with the resulting ‘Bastards Of Beale’ bringing back the magic of their blues-rootedhard rock sound that gained them such a loyal following in the first place. Always a far cry from their more polished peers and more spiritually connected to blue collar hard rock, the return ofTora Tora seamlessly picks up where they left off all those years ago.