TRIBE OF PAZUZU drop brand new lyric video; debut EP ‘Heretical Uprising’ hits streets today

TRIBE OF PAZUZU – the band featuring members of Cryptopsy, Incantation, Soulstorm, Macifecation, and ex-Pestilence – have just dropped their debut five-song EP, entitled Heretical Uprising.

The guys have dropped a brand new track in the form of a stunning lyric video for the song ‘Proliferation Of The Final Plague’. Speaking to about the song recently, mainman Nick Sagias had this to say:

“Proliferation Of The Final Plague is a song that is meant to showcase the sheer brutality of the talented people who helped me bring this project to life. This includes the insanity of both Randy and John‘s picking, as well as Flo‘s head-crushing and violent drumming. It demonstrates perfectly the faster, more aggressive songwriting of TRIBE OF PAZUZU. The icing on the cake is the caustic and seething delivery of the vocals that drive the narration of a world in turmoil – a world ravaged by vile diseases and under constant danger of violence and war.”

Watch the Lyric Video for ‘Proliferation Of The Final Plague’

TRIBE OF PAZUZU’s ‘Heretical Uprising’ is out now on both iTunes and Spotify, as well as the band’s official Bandcamp page HERE

The EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered by CRYPTOPSY guitarist Christian Donaldson at the legendary The Grid studio in Montreal.

1. Heretical Uprising
2. Divinity Destroyed
3. Indoctrinated Into Enslavement
4. Blind Disciples Of Poisonous Faiths
5. The Proliferation Of The Final Plague

TRIBE OF PAZUZU comprises some true heavyweights of death/extreme metal in Flo Mounier (CRYPTOPSY), John McEntee (INCANTATION), and Randy Harris (ex-MACIFECATION). The tribe are lead by mainman Nick Sagias (SOULSTORM, ex-OVERTHROW, ex-PESTILENCE).

Nick Sagias – Vocals & Bass
Randy Harris – Ryhthm & Leads
John McEntee – Rhythm Guitar
Flo Mounier – Drums