Trouble in Mind ‘Whole Lotta Trouble’ Out Today

Trouble in Mind present their debut album Whole Lotta Trouble. The twelve deeply honest, snappy and, above all, extremely authentic songs, which not infrequently go beyond the rather narrow genre boundaries, are immediately stuck in the minds of the audience with their catchy melodies.

The spectrum ranges from fast Rock’n’Roll Songs like the title track Whole Lotta Trouble or Urgent Call, to mischievous rag tunes like Right On or Stop Cryin ‘, to incredibly lively, classic rockabilly Soon-To-Be Evergreens. The country-style anthem She Said Hello, dominated by acoustic guitars, or the slightly dirty sound of the 50s ballad Down By The Sea show that there are hardly any limits to innovation here.

The overall sound is so clear and powerful that it’s hard to believe that this is a simple instrumented trio, only armed with two guitars and double bass. You can hear every single song that worked here with joy, passion and love for, detail, not to mention the playful finesse of the instruments.


1. Whole Lotta Trouble
2. Like a Dog
3. Stop Cryin’
4. 100 Times
5. Right On
6. Urgent Call
7. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout Me
8. Jumpin’
9. She Said Hello
10. Gotta Make It Home
11. Lucky Day
12. Down by the Sea