Twisted Illusion ‘The Problem With Eternity’

Twisted Illusion continue their climb with the release of their magnetic
double-album ‘Insight To The Mind Of A Million Faces’, on Friday 22nd
September. In anticipation of the release, the progsters have released a new
track ‘The Problem With Eternity’ –



Twisted Illusion is the moniker for this exciting solo project fronted and
created by Matt Jones. Although conceived by a solo artist, Twisted Illusion
have revolving members who undertake live shows and recording, much in the
same vein as Steven Wilson and Devin Townsend. Calling to mind a web of
influences spinning from a host of 70’s Prog giants through to modern day
luminaries, the crew acutely marry carefully formed intriguing guitar parts,
dynamic drums, and enthralling vocals, to appealing effect.

Last year, the progressive outfit released their debut album, Temple of
Artifice, to critical acclaim, with Tap The Feed citing that ‘Twisted
Illusion take risks, creating thought-provoking music that demands your
interest’. The record provided a steady bedrock for the group, allowing
Twisted Illusion to extensively tour across the UK, which in turn has seen
them gain a notable reputation as an incredible live force.



With their forthcoming double-album, Insight To The Mind Of A Million Faces,
Twisted Illusion have progressed even further. Disc one encompasses nine
fully-fledged slabs of prog-fused rock, with the second disc featuring two
ultra-epic tracks including the mammoth and album’s namesake, Insight To The
Mind Of A Million Faces, which is a twenty eight minute voyage through the
senses. It is without doubt, that Matt Jones and Twisted Illusion have a
vast and varied sound and a vivid vision of what they want to create. Their
forthcoming single, The Problem With Eternity, highlights the blissfully
melodic side of the band, while their past single, Textbook Tyranny –                                                 showcases Jones’ more edgy and raucous side; the result is crushing and fully immersing.