Uk Rockers ‘Fragile Things’ Broken Sun E.P Review

Artist- Fragile Things
Album-Broken Sun(4 track EP)
Genre-Rock/Hard Alt Rock
Release Date-17th Feb 2017

Richie Hevanz – Vocals
Mark Hanlon – Guitar
Steve Lathwell – Bass
Hugo Bowman – Drums


1. Enemy Is I
2. Open Cage
3. Broken Sun
4. So Cold



Milton Keynes based rockers ‘Fragile Things’ release their new E.p ‘Broken Sun’ on the 17th Feb and its a cracking piece of modern day rock mastery with just enough of a hint of the classic sound of days gone by, you will certainly be screaming out for more, and you may just get it.
From the offset of ‘Enemy Is I’ your senses are sent buzzing into overdrive as the riffs and chops of Mark Hanlon come belting at you with the aid of thunderous drums from Hugo Bowman, and a bass-line from Steve Lathwell that caresses the eardrums as the vocals from Richie Hevanz rattles them once more with a roaring range and tone.
Title track ‘Broken Sun’ continues with the assault of the eardrums, with screeching guitars and infectious vocals as the band attack your senses with timing and precision, with a catchy chorus and lyrics which really showcases the song writing talents of the band (Fallout, Fallout When You Drop The Bomb There Is Always Fallout), (Meltdown, Meltdown, Meltdown In The Sky As We Come Round) finely wrapped up in a harmony of drum beats, bass-lines and guitar riffs.


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