UK Thrash Kings Solitary hit the road again – First leg of 2018 UK Tour Dates Announced

Having played some fantastic, incendiary shows throughout 2017 – including appearances at Hammerfest, Thrashersaurus and with Acid Reign at the Camden Underworld – the band are keen to hit the road again. So here we have Solitary’s first set of live dates for 2018, featuring an array of slots at some of the UK’s top underground festivals and all day metal extravaganzas.


With Solitary celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Nothing Changes, this year, there’s every chance of a few surprises sneaking into the set list at these shows – alongside the devastating material from the critically acclaimed The Diseased Heart Of Society.


February 23rd – PENTRE FEST – Queensferry
Special guests on a bill that includes Red Rum, Foetal Juice, Rabid Bitch Of The North and more
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May 7th – THRASHERSAURUS – Norwich
with Xentrix, One Machine and many more
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June 15th – METAL TO THE MASSES – Wrexham
Special guest appearance
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June 30th – MOSH AGAINST CANCER – Coventry
Special guests on a bill that also features Fury, Basement Toture Killings, Xerosun etc
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July 6th – DRAGONFEST 6 – Bradford
A special guest slot on a bill featuring Charger, Internal Conflict and many more
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July 21st – REBELLION – Manchester
Main support to Shrapnel
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September 29th – HORDES OF BELIAL – Dundee
with King Leviathan and many more
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Check out ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’ below::