Unto The Wolves “Year One” Out Now

“Unto the Wolves” is a Hard Rock/ Metal project with one goal in mind, to inspire tolerance and acceptance of all races, religious beliefs, and cultures. Every song is inspired by historical or religious writings found in books that are considered important by one religion or another. The songs are not based on the text found in these books, but rather served as inspiration for the ideas behind the songs.

The project began in September of 2016. “Unto the Wolves” is managed by the only official member who is singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist, John “Gage” Sifuentes. Each month, a piece of text or scribe is chosen from a single culture or religion. This text is pulled from writings such as the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, Book of Shadows, the Book of Mormon, Vedas, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, or the Tao Te Ching, to name a few. Once the text is chosen, it is methodically analyzed and discussed to then inspire lyrics for a song to be created and released at the end of the month. During the month, there is project inspired art and online articles posted along with video journals discussing the content, writing technique, style, and periodic interviews about the text chosen. At the end of the year, the music is compiled and released as an album. But to hear the new music as it comes out and get the full backstory behind every song, Patreon.com is the active online hub for the music project.



The music typically has a heavy edge but hesitates to label itself metal. The feel of the music is riddled with driving rhythmic guitars, a gritty bass, hard hitting drums accompanied by melodic and aggressive vocals. However, you’ll also find an additional instrument or two in multiple songs based on what religious text and culture was chosen for the subject matter. Because of this, the music taps into multiple genres. In an effort to combine these ideas into a single project in a respectful manner, each set of writings is examined from multiple points of view. This work truly offers a unique perspective on how music can be inspired by the way all people choose to live.