Valentine premiere for official lyric video “Alle hjerter banker ei” (Not all hearts beat) by Minneriket

It’s Valentines day, and the Norwegian Romantic Black Metal band Minneriket celebrates this all hearts day with a reminder that not all hearts beat…

Minneriket is proud to present another collaboration with YOD Multimedia for an official lyric video for “Alle hjerter banker ei” taken from the newly released full-length album ANIMA SOLA.


Check out the lyric video below::



All music and lyrics by Stein Akslen
Video by YOD Multimedia
Video based on album artwork by renowned goth artist Anna Marine
Minneriket logo by the “Lord of the Logos” Christophe Szpajdel.



Norwegian Romantic Black Metal band Minneriket is the work of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Stein Akslen, who created the project for as much a philosophical and spiritual channeling as a musical outlet. Drawing on influences as various as punk and goth yet steeped in the intensity of the early Norwegian Black Metal scene, Minneriket came into existence in 2014.