Vandenberg’s Moonkings MkII Review

Artist- Vandenbergs Moonkings

Album- MkII

Genre- Rock/ Hard rock

Release Date- 3rd Nov


November will see the highly anticipated return of Adrian Vandenberg’s Moonkings with their sophomore release entitled MKII, four years since their highly acclaimed debut release MkII is a more polished, matured and well rounded affair, but still with more rock than Blackpool pleasure beach.

The blues rock infused ‘Tightrope’ kicks us off in fine style with ‘Jan Hovings’ vocals taking us back to the late seventies before whisking us back to the present, great little guitar solo in this one too.
Its not to long before Adrian and Co whip out their whopper and with the 7 min+ ‘The Fire’ with a smooth Coverdale’ esque vocal intro which soon launches into a full on assault of the senses you’re soon foot tapping to the infectious rhythm and the sublime little solo midway all helps make this a nice little whooper.
‘Walk Away’ is the first ballad of the album the acoustic fueled string bluesy number which sees ‘Jan’ in mighty fine form its a great little ballad with a great solo midway which doesn’t overstep but just enough to remind you this is a rock album.
‘What Doesn’t Kill You’ is the second ballad and like ‘Walk Away’ it is an acoustically charged little gem with a great little chorus which you will be singing along to ‘What Does’t Kill You’ with a slightly more upbeat tempo a definite future hit for sure.
‘Love Runs Out’ wins the singalong track of the album, its a foot-tapping rockin stomper with a great beat and infectious chorus a stadium rocker with a twist.

While Vandenberg’s Moonkings have a sound much like Whitesnake just enough to sound familiar lets not forget Adrian Vandenbergs years with them, they also bring their own sound to the mix enough to give them their very own identity which sets them apart, with MkII there is more maturity in the song writing sound and production a certainty for sophomore release of the year top marks for this one welcome back Adrian and The Moonkings.