Vardis’s First 3 Albums To Be Re-Issued Out 22nd September

Dissonance Productions are proud to be reissuing “100mph”, the classic live album by heavy metal veterans VARDIS. They took the unorthodox approach of comprising their debut album of entirely live recordings. This is largely considered to be their finest hour and gained the band a large following early on in their career. Vardis take no prisoners on this spectacular album with their good, old fashioned hard rock/heavy metal. This album is grand stuff in every way and will leave you dumbfounded as to why this band is so relatively unknown and so criminally underrated.

Out Of The Way
Move Along
The Lion’s Share
Situation Negative
The Loser
Living Out Of Touch
Let’s Go
100 m.p.h.
Dirty Money
If I Were King
Too Many People (Live)
Steamin’ (Live)


As well As Re-Issuing ‘100mph’ Dissonance Productions Are Also Proud To Be Re-Issuing Vardis’s Second Album  “The World’s Insane”, the second album by hard rock, heavy metal veterans Vardis. Originally released in 1981 the album features a cover version of Hawkwind’s “Silver Machine”, and features bagpipes played by Judd Lander, making it one of the few heavy metal albums of that time to ever feature bagpipes. The album also features a guest appearances from Status Quo’s Andy Bown on keyboards. Vardis formed a prominent part of the new wave of British heavy metal scene, then prevalent in the United Kingdom. 

Power Under Foot
Money Grabber
The World’s Insane
Blue Rock (I Miss You)
Silver Machine
Police Patrol
All You’ll Ever Need
Curse The Gods
Love Is Dead
Steamin’ Along
Dirty Money (Air Studios)
Blue Rock (1st Mix) (Air Studios)
Silver Machine (Moog Experiment)


If That Isn’t Enough Vardis’s Third Album ‘Quo Vardis’Is Also Being Re-Issued By Dissonance Productions. Vardis are an influential three-piece hard rock, boogie rock and heavy metal band from Wakefield, Yorkshire, who enjoyed hits between 1978 and 1986. They formed a prominent part of the new wave of British heavy metal scene, then prevalent in the United Kingdom. 

Do I Stand Accused
Where There’s Mods There’s Rockers
Please Do
Dream With Me
Gary Glitter Part One
To Be With You
Together Tonight
Boogie Blitz (Inspired By Griff & Smig)
The Plot To Rock The World
Too Many People (Air Studios)
Lion’s Share (Air Studios)