VEX Releases Official Video for “Nowhere Near” / ‘The Machine Shop Sessions’ Out Today

Dynamic Texas Death Metallers VEX have released the official video for “Nowhere Near,” a track from The Machine Shop Sessions, the band’s new live-in-studio EP.

Check out the video for ‘Nowhere Near’ below::



VEX guitarist Ciaran McCloskey had this to say about The Machine Shop Sessions:

“This recording acts as a sort of career retrospective, in which we chose one song from every album that we’ve historically had trouble pulling off live. We thought the availability of such a glorious studio would be a great opportunity to grind each song out until we had versions that we could live with. Each track was performed live in the studio with no editing or additional tracking, and plenty of warts to be found. The overall experience was excruciating but ultimately very encouraging.



Track List:

1. Erosion
2. The Circular Ruins
3. No Such Thing
4. Nowhere Near




The Machine Shop Sessions is out today! Visit the following link to purchase your copy: