Vinide release new music video!

Symphonic metal band Vinide released a new music video for the track ‘Another Dimension’. The track is taken from their third full length album ‘Reveal’ which was released earlier this year via Inverse Records. Music video was shot live at Pykälä cabins on their home city Kuhmo.

Watch music video here:



Vocalist/guitarist Elmeri Kinnunen comments:
“The original idea for the weekend in Pykälä was to just go there rehearse and go to sauna. Then we thought it could be fun if we bring some cameras with us. We’ll definitely do that again. Hopefully, everyone can sense the joy and the happiness from our faces. After all, this was a completely another dimension for us! “


01. Intro
02. The Beginning Scene
03. Breakout
04. Reveal
05. Anger
06. The Rat
07. Plea
08. Emanuel
09. The Truth
10. The Plan
11. Believe
12. Bombs
13. Another Dimension
14. The Great Voyage
15. Save The Earth


Recording, mixing and producing the whole album Elmeri Kinnunen also has composed the pieces in collaboration with guitarist Mikko Kähkönen and keyboard player Heikki Polvinen. The final touch was given at Finnvox Studio by Mika Jussila mastering the album.

Elmeri Kinnunen – guitars, vocals
Mikko Kähkönen – guitars
Heikki Polvinen – keyboards
Jaakko Juntunen – drums