Von Hertzen Brothers ‘War Is Over’ Review

Artist- Von Hertzen Brothers

Album- War Is Over

Genre- Prog Rock

Release- Out Now


Finnish rockers Von Hertzen Brothers return with ‘War is Over’ on the 3rd of November their seventh album and after successfully¬†touring with the like of the foo fighters, zz top, Anathema and 30 seconds to Mars, the prog rockers are about to set your soul on fire with their latest release.

Title track and album opener is an epic 12.34 sec which plays out like a mini rock opera which keeps you enthralled until the very end as it twists and turns through each section and with melody and riffs that are shades of dream theater, queen and royal hunt as ‘War Is Over’ draws to a close.
‘Jerusalem’ is a progtastic melodic little rocker with a great key soundtrack and superb vocal arrangement¬†almost a rush moment the bass line keeps everything in check as the riffs rip it up.
‘Wanderlust’ is a dreamy acoustic track that features fantastic haunting vocals and lyrics despite being the second shortest track of the album coming in at 3.55, it is long enough to make an impact and it surely does that.
Album closer ‘Beyond The Storm’ is every bit as epic and anthemic as opener ‘War Is Over’ slightly¬†shorter but still coming in at over 8 mins,they are the stilts holding up the album and giving it balance, ‘Beyond The Storm’ features a great guitar solo midway and has a haunting yet blissful feel throughout with an epic ending.

Each track is an epic journey an anthemic masterpiece powerfully and professionally performed lyrically as well as musically a thoroughly enjoyable album.

Top Marks To Von Hertzen Brothers

Rating 10