VOODOO VEGAS Freak Show Candy Floss Released Nov 4 Review


Artist- Voodoo Vegas
Album-Freak Show Candy Floss
Genre- Rock/Melodic Hard Rock
Release-4th nov
Voodoo Vegas is-
Lawrence Case – Vocals / Harmonica
Merylina Hamilton – Guitar
Ash Moulton – Bass
Jonno Smyth – Drums
Jon Dawson – Guitar

Freak Show Candy Floss’ Tracklist:

1. Backstabber
2. Long Time Gone
3. Resolution
4. Killing Joke
5. Lady Divine
6. Poison
7. Black Heart Woman
8. Sleeping In The Rain
9. I Hear You Scream
10. Walk Away

Bournemouth based rockers ‘Voodoo Vegas’ release their sophomore album ‘Freak Show Candy Floss’ on Nov 4th and it shows a newfound maturity in songwriting and performance, thanks to two years on the road supporting some top acts claims lead vocalist ‘Lawrence Case’ so is the album really a sign of a more matured and polished outfit well lets find out.


Album opener ‘Backstabber’ is a head tilting, foottapping, facemelting slice of hard rock pie with extra topping great vocal by ‘Lawrence’ backed by a rhythm section of thunder and riffs hot enough to melt you face off.
The pace is slowed down for ‘Resolution’ and ‘Killing Joke’ while not being ballads they are more like slow rockers with balls, great guitar solos and riffs added to a thundering bass line and drums from ‘Jonno Smyth’ that make you wanna break out the best pots and pans from the kitchen put on your best devil face crank up the volume and make beautiful noise.
Its bluesy its sleazy its ‘Poison’ as with the entire album ‘Poison’ reaches out and grabs you by the balls with a sleazy rythm section and there is even room for some dirty harmonica courtesy of ‘Lawrence Case’ the guitar solo is just as sleazy and dirty.
An acoustic driven slice of apple pie is the best way to describe ‘Sleeping In The Rain’ its as close to a ballad as you could probably expect, with some great vocals from ‘Lawrence’ and a great little acoustic soundtrack, its definitely a singalong classic with lyrics like ‘All I Need Is One More Chance Please Dont Leave Me Here To Die’ and ‘Im Lonely In A Crowd A Man Without A Voice’.
Album closer ‘Walk Away’ goes right back to the sleazy rockin with pounding drums and heavy riffs, again showcasing Lawerences’ vocal talents, added to a deep rumbling bass line courtesy of ‘Ash Moulton’ and sleazy squeezy guitar solo
Altogether Voodoo Vegas have hit the spot with ‘Freak Show Candy Floss’ its 10 tracks of rockin tunes that any head banging, air guitar swinging, balls out voodoo rocker needs to add to their collection and anyone else for that matter.

Rating 9

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