Wake The Sun – ‘Through The Night’ Out Now

“Through the Night” is the debut album from the band Wake The Sun. The album was developed and written primarily in the midst of two 7-week North American tours.

The album has a sweet mix of highs and lows, starting off with the lead track “Squeezebox,” which drives and wails with big drums and clanging guitars, followed soon after by the drawn and anthemic “40 Days,” which embodies a lot of the imagery and verve of being on the open road, traveling cross country and the tribulations that follow.


1.) Squeezebox
2.) What’s My Name
3.) 40 Days
4.) Keepin’ Me Up
5.) Pink Neon
6.) Cold Blood
7.) Feelin Used
8.) Honest Man
9.) Muses



Deep in the mud of Louisiana swamps, high in the turquoise colored glass of Seattle skyscrapers, loud in the pink neon buzz of the LA strip, or adrift in the awe of Montana’s big sky country there is a sonic quality that melds within Wake The Sun. The band’s sound spans many different eras and subgenres, confiding in that classic rock sound that has been updated for our modern times.

After what seemed to be endless touring, Wake The Sun has developed an appreciation and understanding of what rock music can be, and how it can move people. Playing in countless venues and sharing the stage with many other of their sister and brother musicians, Wake the Sun grew and fine-tuned their craft. First heading out on the road to exploit their explosive and unapologetic acid-washed rock, they also found a beauty and balance in brief spaces along with cherished silence during their live show. Nowhere is this more evident, than in their debut album release entitled; “Through the Night”.

The band was formed in early Spring 2014, and is headed by front man and songwriter, Dillon Mealey, hailing from the backwoods of upstate New York. He derives a certain soul in song creation from growing up on heavy doses of Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and Van Morrison and exploring the many acres of woods that he grow up on as a child. Lead guitarist, Tommy Perrotta, permeates the band’s sound with flashes of 60’s and early 70’s aural flair, while exhibiting his own unique and unabashed style. Bassist, Jeffrey Alvarado, drives heavy grooves with an old school feel that resonates through your chest and tugs with its impressive energy. Marco Gill, drummer and the band’s latest addition, was the finishing touch on the band’s sonic spirit. With intense cymbal blasts, cutting kick patterns, to deliberated ghost notes, Marco brings an edge to the band that is passionate and wild, while also being subtle and delicate as the bands songs deserve.

In 2015, just one year after formation, the band set off on their first of two national tours, both 7 weeks in length. The tours were in support of their last release, a self-titled EP, which included the songs “Wicked Souls,” “Grace and Faith,” and “Politics.” The rigors of touring tightened the musical and personal bond within the band. Notoriety grew for Wake The Sun during this time leading to a release of their single, “Grace and Faith” through Revolver Magazine. The band also received praise from prominent music critic Rob Daily at Daily Unsigned. In addition, they also received “Gold” in the Global Music Awards in the “Rock” category and were mentioned in Billboard Magazine as a Billboard emerging artist. Soon after, Wake The Sun began to gain countless positive reviews from editorials and bloggers throughout the United States including Chicago-based “Best New Bands.”

At its core, Wake The Sun is a touring band that records and sought to capture that live element in their latest release, “Through the Night.” The full-length album, which was mixed by producer Rick Parker (Lord Huron, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Good Old War) and Mike Rocha (Black Pistol Fire), was recorded at Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove, New York. The studio has a certain “vintage feel” and really helped to aid in the vision and development of the record. Everything fell into place and the band was able to track the entire record in just four days.

Wake The Sun will be back on the road this fall, to support their latest release.

Band Members:
Vox/ Rhythm Guitar: Dillon Mealey
Lead Guitar: Tommy Perrotta
Bass: Jeff Alvarado
Drums: Marco Gill