WALKING RUMOR (DK) Releases New Single & Video “Tears Me Apart”!

WR is an energetic nu-metal from Odense, Denmark that reminds you of a time where Limp Bizkit and Linking Park dominated the charts. The band joined forces in May 2015 and quickly found a common goal with the music which became the sound of the band.

The band had just returned from their first European supporting Ill Nino, as their big inspiration Chester Bennington from Linkin Park decided to kill him self. As plans for the release of their new single was in the making, the loss of a hero combined with the lyrics of the song “Tears Me Apart” determined the theme of the video released with the song.

“We’ve always been inspired by the likes of Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach, so the passing of Chester Bennington hurt us right in the chest. We all grew up listening to their music, looking up to their amazing way of doing things and they’ve been like a building block for our whole existence. Without Linkin Park, Walking Rumor wouldn’t exist.
Tears me Apart is for us mainly about make amends with someone you’ve lost too soon. During a band meeting, where we talked about the release of the song, we decided to dedicate the song to Chester Bennington, his closest and the fans touched by this devastating loss.
We’re one gathered family and no one out there affected by this is alone. We will always miss him, the grief will never end.
Let his legacy live on.” – 
Walking Rumor

Jacob Nielsen – Bass. 
Andreas Løvenhorst – Lead guitar. 
Anders Rasmussen – Drums/Backing vocal.
Kenio Gustavsson – Rap vocals/guitar.
Anders Mørch – Clean vocals/Guitar