WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKS Declare ‘Angels Are Weeping… God Has Abandoned’

14 years and 5 albums later, When The Deadbolt Breaks are set to release their 6th record worldwide via Sliptrick Records on November 2nd. The title of the album proclaims Angels Are Weeping… God Has Abandoned and it contains 5 deep, unrelenting tracks.

58 minutes of some of the most honest, dark and emotion evoking music the band has written to date. As the band would have it; “These dark days require a dark response. This is what happens… when the deadbolt breaks.”



01. Centering Through Isolation

02. Bloodborn

03. Sky Will Fall

04. Floyd’s Machine

05. Color The Sun



Established in the winter of 2004, When the Deadbolt Breaks is a psychedelic doom band from the backwoods of eastern Connecticut. Aaron Lewis, Mike Parkyn, and Randall Dumas have created a psychedelic, down tuned, fuzzed-out wall of doom-laden riffs that transport the listener to another space.

Angels Are Weeping… God Has Abandoned… | Released November 2nd, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

When The Deadbolt Breaks are:
Aaron Lewis – Guitars/Vocals | Mike Parkyn – Bass/Backing vocals | Randall Dumas – Drums