Wildime – ‘Boaster Trauma’ Out Now

The WILDIME is a band get formed in July 2010 by the singer and guitarist Lance Cross. After many changes of line-up and musical orientation, always around rock music, the band started to work for first release: the EP “Sweet Baby Insane”. In September 2012 a new line-up is ready to do live shows and realization of new original tracks. In the Fall of 2014 twelve tracks are ready to be the first full concept album called “Beams Of Bones Walls”, recorded and mastered at Kick Recording Studio in Rome by Marco Cinghio Mastrobuono.

In February 2015 Wildime signs with Revalve Records who distributed the album around the world. During the same year the band is engaged in several shows and at that time they start to think to make new music. In March 2017 officially joined family of Last Sound Design to make a new album as the sequel of the first one and called “Boaster Trauma”, recorded at Waves studios in Naples by Mimmo Penthotal Musto and produced by MASD Records.

Life is not easy and the line-up changed again, but for the Boaster Killer there’s no walls hard enough and the band is carry on.


Boaster Trauma is the 2nd release for Wildime, a new step forward to the band and it’s a sequel of previous album concept.


1. Killer Is Here
2. Boaster Trauma
3. It’s Growing Inside
4. Here To Show The Way
5. Life’s Dying Fall
6. All He Has
7. Deny
8. Never Again
9. I’m Alive
10. Part Of It



Band Line-Up:
Lance Cross – guitar/vocals
Walter Tranchina – guitar
Salamandro – bass/vocals
Peppo Palmisano – drums.