Woe Unto Me “Among The Lightened Skies The Voidness Flashed” Out Today

The silent infinity that rushes upwards, completely absorbs and calms. Is this the beginning of the end or the rebirth from the ashes? One starts to understand that the existence is cyclic, it is like an autumn leaf mouldering from a tired wind and giving life to timid plants with transparent souls in the spring. The noise of life is completely voiceless in comparison with the silent abyss, whose cry causes every cell of the body to dry out, sink and drown in helplessness. The subtle threads of existence that unite, explode, forming emptiness that is the flesh that can think. Life is infinite … however, it will continue only in the eyes of the beholder, in the mind of the thinker, in the heart of the lover. This delicate border lies between two CD’s of the Woe Unto Me’s new album, “Among The Lightened Skies The Voidness Flashed”.

Musically, conceptually and artistically, two album parts radically differ from each other: the first part immerses the listener in a gloomy and depressive atmosphere of versatile doom death metal, while the second part consists of acoustic melancholy, which envelops with the veil of autumn spleen and sad beauty.

The album features several famous representatives of the world doom scene: Thomas A.G. Jensen (SATURNUS), Daniel Neagoe (CLOUDS, EYE OF SOLITUDE, SHAPE OF DESPAIR), Jon Aldara (HAMFERD, BARREN EARTH, CLOUDS), Patryk Zwoliński (PROGHMA-C, ex-BLINDEAD, ex-NEOLITHIC, ex-ANTIGAMA).


CD 1 – “…The Voidness Flashed”
1. Triptych: Shiver, Shelter, Shatter
2. Of Life That Never Showed Its Face
3. I Come To Naught
4. Breath Of A Grief
5. Drawn By Mourning

CD 2 – “Among The Lightened Skies…”
1. In A Stranglehold
2. Leave Me To My Sorrows
3. Along Came The Imminence
4. Fall-Dyed Lament
5. A Year-Long Waiting
6. My Joy Lies Behind
7. The Snide Sun





Band Members
Dzmitry Shchyhlinski – guitars; 
Artyom Serdyuk – guitars, growl vocals; 
Oleg Vorontsov – clean vocals;
Olga Apisheva – keyboards;
Ivan Skrundevskiy – bass;
Pavel Shmyga – drums.