Wolfpire’s ‘Naughty and Hungry’ Is Out Now

A name that results from mixing Wolf with Vampire, at first glance could be seen as the identity of a Goth Band. But the origin of the name of this hard rock group from Brazil lies within hybrid characters of recurring themes in recent movies of success. According to the urban dictionary, the expression ‘wolfpire’ is used in some places as slang for beautiful women – “that girl is beautiful, out of this world, she can only be a Wolfpire!”


1. The Race
2. Scene Queen
3. Wolfpire
4. Shadows
5. Alongside Me
6. Chains
7. Waiting
8. Midnight Train
9. The Sound of Rock and Roll
10. Hard Enough to my Heart
11. Spiders



Wolfpire is a hard rock group from São Paulo, Brazil, put together in April of 2015. The group started when guitarist Luiz Casadio invited Doug Muratore, a singer he had come to know through friends they had in common, to do vocals on some of his musical scratches and ideas. During some recording sessions, Luiz noticed great potential in Doug, with a voice timbre and characteristics that are hard to find. With the surprising result, they decided to begin a Rock band.

While experimenting with their identity, Luiz suggested the name Wolfpire. This word represents a supernatural being that mixes a Werewolf with a Vampire, it’s origins lies with these kind of characters that are common themes in contemporary movies and series of success.

After defining the name, they’ve started searching for band members, people that fundamentally shared a passion for Hard Rock! Luiz then invited bass player Danny Heinzl and drummer Mau Villas.

The group then starts their activities and recordings. In 2016, by the shape and characteristics the band had taken, came the necessity to fill the group with other members. That’s when Luiz Casadio invited guitarist Furuken and keyboard player Markus Mioranzza.
With the whole team assembled, in 2017 Wolfpire finishes the recording of their debut album, Naughty and Hungry.

In January 2018 the band released their first music video of the song Shadows. The video reached more than 40 thousand views in Youtube in a short time. In March of the same year, by personal questions Danny Heinzl leaves the band and Hall Mayan assumes the electric bass.

On July 16 the band released their second music video of the song Scene Queen, which also marked the departure of Mau Villas who leaves the band for health reasons, then assuming his position the drummer Lyan Lee.

The band is currently preparing a number of new features including new music videos, songs and live performances.

Band Line-Up:
Doug Muratore – vocals
Luiz Casadio – guitars
Furuken – guitars
Hall Mayan – bass
Markus Mioranzza – keyboard
Lyan Lee – drums