The heavy metal band from Turin known as WOLFSINGER who have been active since 2012 have announced the signing with record label MASD RECORDS.

Wolfsinger is a band from Romano Canavese (Turin), born from an idea by Haron bassist and Raffaella vocals, both from previous musical experiences, they decide to propose new songs of his own composition and reinterpret the biggest Hard & Heavy achievements 80s, combining the music of a particular care of the look and appearance of scenic. After less than a year several live performances, they are called to perform at the opening of a concert of bassist Nathaniel Peterson, with the participation of Pino Scotto, as a special guest. In 2013, the band decided to make a change of line up and enter Giolito Alberto on guitar, and Cristiano Gillone on drums. Continue the intense live activity, including also an open act for Michael Jackson guitarist Jennifer Batten. From the composition of new songs and the collaboration with the German guitarist Stephan Georg of Tight and Rudy Graf, former Warlock and RAGE, in July 2014 it led to the first ep ‘Jump On The Head “. In 2015, the band released the self-produced single, “Werewolves” and in May 2016 they released their first purely classic heavy metal die hard: “Living With The Inner Beast”. To give greater prominence to the new compositions, it is inserted into a second guitar in the formation and David Mantovan joins the combo that continues uninterrupted compositional activity and that live, of which emphasizes the participation at the “Wings of Bea Metalfest 2016 “,” Metal Alliance Festival 2016 “,” Collisions Festival 2017 “,” VOTS Metal Festival 2017 “in Malta,” Sbam Fest 2017 “and” Metal Queen’s Burning Nights Festival “, dedicated to the female voices in metal, of which the Wolfsinger are creators and promoters since 2014. in January 2018 Marco Falchetto, Turin guitarist, joined the band is already working on new songs. In February the Wolfsinger announce new album release scheduled for late 2018 and signed to MASD Records. Upcoming live are always being programmed and is already expected to be the band’s participation as a headliner in June, the “Mezcla Metal Fest 2018” in Madrid.

Raffaella Singer: Voice
Haron Wolf: Bass & Voice
David Mantovan: Guitars & voice
Marco Falchetto: Guitars
Cristiano Gillone: ​​Drums