XAON To Play Rock The Castle Festival Inc. A Perfect Circle, Megadeath & Many More

Swiss melodic dark metal band, Xaon continue their steller 2018 with a show at the Rock The Castle Festival in Verona on June 30th. The festival will take place at the stunning Castle of Villafranca from June 29th to July 1st and will include performances from legendary acts such as Megadeth, A Perfect Circle, Carcass, Killswitch Engage and Testament, to name a few.

The group also play this weekend at the Wings Of Bea MetalFest in Santhià, Italy, taking place from June 15th – 17th.

Since the release of their tremendous album The Drift via Sliptrick Records in 2017, Xaon have been playing all over the world taking in a tour of Japan and various major festival appearances. Xaon are booked by our comrades in arms over at Go Loud Agency.


Xaon’s latest release takes the band’s sound to a new sonic level, progressing from spectral ambiances to grandiose and intricate orchestrations. The album evolves from oppressing aggressiveness to majestic lamentations and due to it’s very nature, it is soberly entitled The Drift and presents the band at their electrifying best.

The Drift | Released May 25th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records.



Get your copy of The Drift from: Shop Sliptrick | Amazon | iTunes
Listen to the whole of The Drift on: Spotify


Xaon are:
Rob – Vocals | Vinc – Guitar

Live members: John Six (Bass) | Jordan Kiefer (Drums) | Onbra Oscouŗa (Guitars) | Klin HC (Guitars)