Youth Killed It Celebrate England & Football In ‘What’s So Great, Britain?’

Following England taking on Tunisia, in their first 2018 World Cup fixture, Indie-Punks Youth Killed It celebrate the beautiful game with the unveiling of the video for new single ‘What’s So Great, Britain?’, vocalist/guitarist Jack Murphy comments:

“The world cup is upon us and so there’s no better time to release this video themed around the passion surrounding the tournament that England won many years ago. The song is about clinging to the past and being blind to the future. Plenty of people look back to ’66 when England beat West Germany 4-2, but they’ll avoid looking forward like the plague. This song addresses that and is why we wanted to represent each country of Great Britain by wearing a Scottish, Welsh and English football shirt. We must change and adapt if we ever want to win another world cup!”



Regarding the band’s intent, Murphy wants to be clear: “We never judge, we don’t like to take sides, we just see what’s good and bad about the current state of politics and satirize it through music.” With this theme in mind, the single’s accompanying artwork, along with that of prior single ‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’, was shot by close collaborator Ray Roberts. It forms part of a photo set the band commissioned to try and portray a portion of British society, drawing inspiration from people they’ve met and featuring close personal friends who appear “disgruntled and fed up, which we feel accurately represents the feeling permeating through Britain at this current time.”



Completed by Carlos Montero and Josh Arter-Taylor on Guitar, Josh Thexton on Bass and Ben Ford on Drums, Youth Killed It say “it’s hard to pinpoint where exactly our sound comes from, somewhere deep within the recesses of our minds probably.” The members have an eclectic range of tastes, from funk to indie, to alt rock, blues, and prog metal. In fact, the band began life in Norfolk as metal-band ‘Under The Influence’, before reforming in 2016 with their current moniker and aspirations of “writing songs about never doing the dishes, hating their day jobs and having fun, not taking things too seriously in a world where everything is taxing and exhausting.” Signing with Rude Records on the strength of 2 EPs, saw the band release their debut album ‘Modern Bollotics’ in mid-2017. Now they return with more nostalgic 90’s riffs, stream-of-consciousness vocal deliveries, and charming hooks.


You can catch the quintet playing their newest offerings at select UK festivals this Summer:

23rd June – Isle Of Wight Festival, Newport
22nd July – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield
28th July – WonkFest 6, The Dome, Tufnell Park, London