Y&T Rock Nottingham’s Rock City

As we headed to Nottingham to catch Y&T for what would be their 31st gig since September, there was an air of anticipation as we waited baited breath for ‘Dave Meniketti’ and co to take to the stage


From the very first note you just knew you were in for a special night, as the tunes came thick and fast ‘Black Tiger’ ‘Midnight In Tokyo’ Armed And Ready’ by the time we came to ‘I Believe In You’ at which point Meniketti vowed to carry on for as long as he could, and also dedicated the track to the fans, which had the fans in raptures of cheers and applause which ‘Dave’ gratefully stood and lapped it up for just a brief moment, which was one of the only times Dave and the boys briefly stopped the performance to interact with the crowd, the other was a much more sombre and heartfelt dedication to sound engineer and friend ‘Tom Size’ who unfortunately lost his hard fought battle with cancer recently, a moment that the whole audience had a teary eye as Dave and co beautifully performed ‘Wind Of Change’ in his and former drummer and founding member ‘Leonard Haze’ memories a truly sombre but beautiful moment of reflection.


Then followed a truly rockin ‘Contagious’ followed by a real treat which was an absolute crazy drum solo by ‘Mike Vanderhule’ after which the crowd was already jumping when Dave started the opening verse of ‘Summertime Girls’ this and ‘Rescue Me’ had the crowd in raptures of chorus. The closer of the show ‘Im Going Home’ and ‘Forever’ respectively, really did have the crowd screaming for more which will have to be next year as the curfew time is fast upon us. As we head home and reflect on what was one of the finest polished performances which filled all in attendance with an overwhelmingly sense of joy and to start the countdown to next years show.




One thing for sure when you go to a y&t gig you are guaranteed a night of flat out ear busting, mind splitting, jaw smacking rock music. Dave Meniketti has always been and always will be one of the finest singer/songwriters and one damn fine and largely underrated guitarists, not to mention a guy that just flat out rocks every time he hits the stage there is no long drawn out stories and riddles just plug in and rock, with as many tunes that he can fit in and all performed and sang with the same amount of vigour and soul as there was 20 years previous.























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