Rithiya Henry Khiev – “Eviscerated Realm” Out 1st September

Hailing from the United States, Rithiya Henry Khiev is a well-established name within the instrumental metal genre, where the musician that gives name to this project approaching his individuality through infusions with dense influences from classical, symphonic, neo-classical and progressive genres and enriching his music with darkness that feels almost as exquisite as a gourmet cuisine. Rithiya’s music, according to his fans, flows smoothly, consuming them wholesomely and creating a dramatic illusion that seems to overpower the brutal picture of reality.

The musician comments on “Eviscerated Realm”:

“Each song was inspired by thoughts that have lingered in my mind for quite some time along with some life events I was going through. I guess you could say that this is a soundtrack cooralating towards each event. I was aiming for an emotion interpreted through just instrumental music. I want the listeners to feel like they’re going on a journey. To just close their eyes and visualize the foot steps with their imagination with each song.”


1. Kepler

2. Restrained Escape

3. Research Hindered

4. Eviscerated Realm

5. Blackened Heart




So far, Rithiya has shared the stage with notable names in the music industry such as Within The Ruins, Shadows Fall, Angel Vivaldi, Misery Index, Lord Dying, The Human Abstract, Die Cast, Godforbid, Arsis, 1349, Krisiun, Insomnium, Goat Whore, Chthonic, 3 Inches Of Blood, Full Blown Chaos, Mnemic, Thy Will Be Done, Skinless, Edguy, Into Eternity, Light This City, Echos Of Eternity, The Agonist, Hell Within, Marc Rizzo, Joe Stump and Diamond Head.