Elmo Karjalainen Age Of Heroes Review

Artist Elmo Karjalainen
Album Age Of Heroes
Genre Rock/Heavy Rock Instumental
Release Feb 3rd

‘Elmo Karjalainen’ may not be a name too familiar with some but all that may about to change with what will be his 4th studio release entitled ‘Age Of Heroes’ what is on offer here is not only a shredtastic piece of art but also a rival for Satriani, Vai, Bumblefoot that’s played with real passion and feeling. There is also an element of humour added as an appearance or two by an English gentleman and a Scotchman throughout the album.

Tracks like the Malmsteen infused ‘How Can Less Be More’ ‘The Colour Of Greed’ and ‘A Meeting Of The Gods’ are all on the shredtastic side with some fantastic riffs chops and licks that would have messirs Satriani and Vai quaking in their boots.

There is also some very good blues infused masterpieces ‘Blue Eyes’ being a stand out slow thought provoking inspiring dreamy piece, the equally inspiring ‘Three Days Of Piece’ with slow dreamy keys provided by Derek Sherinian(Billy Idol, Dream Theater, Alice Cooper) and if you thought these were dreamy ‘Chikken Noodul’ and ‘Sunset’ take a real dreamy turn as you drift away in a slumber of six string heaven, As Elmo takes you on a sun-soaked soulful voyage along the fretboard of blissful harmony.

Title track ‘Age Of Heroes’ has a much deeper, darker sound with heavy riffs and a bassline that will pound your senses added too the majestic solos and fretboard wizardry.

Elmo Karjalainen’s ‘Age Of Heroes’ is not just a shredders delight it is much much more, soulful, witty and probaly one of the best guitar orientated, blues infused, soul searching pieces of instrumental beauty in the past 10 years.

Rating 10



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