Osukaru The Labyrinth Release Date-24th March Review

Album-The Labyrinth
Genre Rock/Melodic/AOR
Release Date-24th March

‘Osukaru’ release their 1986 fantasy movie Labyrinth inspired album entitled ‘The Labyrinth on March 24th and what a great little guitar cranking, keyboard spanking AOR release it is.


The intro ‘Maze Of Mind’ comes in at just under a minute and sets up ‘The Stories We Tell’ nicely as the keyboards fade out and back in almost instantly now with added vigour as the riffs and bassline are cranked up into a chorus of singalong vocals and foot-tapping drums.

Heavy riff infused ‘Voices In The Dark’ is the first of the album where vocal duties are shared between ‘Lisa Eugenia’ (keyboards, vocals) and ‘Fredrik Werner’ (guitars vocals) a great soulful guitar solo which turns into a more shredtastic affair midway through by (Oz Osukaru) adds extra impact to the already butt spanking riffs, all held together by a cocoon of fine keys and rumblings of bass.

‘Its Only Forever’ is a fine 80’s power ballad with ‘Lisa’ once again taking lead on vocals with deep grumbling riffs that are trying to break through only to be held back by the magical keys, but only until its chorus time when they are cranked up, the solo kicks in around midway played with finess and a certain flair, a great little anthemic ballad that has got everything.

The most Rockiest track of the album comes in the shape of ‘Voodoo'(Who Do), with superb rocking riffs and a singalong chorus with screeching vocals backed with great chops and bass the drumbeat thumps which keeps you in time, as your heads a banging as you singalong ‘reach out before its too late, cant wait so get it while the getting is good’.

‘Undying Rose’ silhouettes and visions of Don Johnson fade in and out around scenery of cars, beaches and his latest love interest in which he inevitably loses in any episode of Miami Vice, immediatley spring to mind with this straight out of the 80’s movie ballads cellar. ‘Undying Rose’ while not to mention is the longest track coming in at just over six minutes but is also about as anthemic as you can get, think of (Foreigner I want to know what love is) with the ever infectious background vocals that kick in toward the end which brings the song to its ultimate climax and leaves you with a sense of joy and peace with the world (yes that feeling).


Rating 10


01.Maze Of Mind
02.The Stories We Tell
03.Voices In The Dark
04.Edge Of Night
05.It’s Only Forever
06.Voodoo (Who Do?)
08.Undying Rose
09.The Offering
10.Moonlight Silhouette

OSUKARU  – Lineup 2017:
Vidar Mårtensson – Drums
Lisa Eugenia – Keyboards, Vocals
Olof Gadd – Bass
Fredrik Werner – Vocals, Guitars
Oz Osukaru – Guitars, Keyboards

03.03.17 – England – Birmingham – Scruffy Murphys
04.03.17 – England – Nottingham – The Greyhound
05.03.17 – England – London – Alleycat
09.03.17 – Sweden – Gothenburg – Sticky Fingers
10.03.17 – Sweden – Varberg – Backstage
24.03.17 – Sweden – Trollhättan – Backstage Rockbar
25.03.17 – Sweden – Karlstad – The Bull Bar
14.04.17 – Germany – Kiel – Hot Rock
15.04.17 – Germany – Hamburg – Markthalle
16.04.17 – Germany – Uelzen – ‘Secret Show’
18.04.17 – France – Montepellier – Secret Place
20.04.17 – Spain – Guadalajara – Pub Rock N’Rolla
21.04.17 – Spain – Madrid – Sala 38 Special
22.04.17 – Spain – Barcelona – Sala Monasterio

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