Dan McCafferty of Nazareth is recording his new solo album with band DOCTOR VICTOR

Dan McCafferty, one of the most fundamental voices of the rock scene, has confirmed speculation about his upcoming solo album.

The long-time singer of the Scottish hard rock legend Nazareth continues to sing, despite health problems which caused him to leave the band in 2013.

He had been a part of the band for more than 40 years but left, stating that he didn’t want to hold them back.

McCafferty, influenced by the first waves of rock and roll, founded Nazareth along with guitarist Manny Charlton, bassist Pete Agnew, and drummer Darrell Sweetie in 1968 in the Scottish town of Dunfermline. It seems that years later, he still remains faithful to his roots, and his new solo album will be recorded here.

The instrumental dimension will be covered by the unique Prague raw rock style band Doctor Victor, which has opened up for the iconic Czech band Lucie and even the Australian Grandmasters of Rock, AC⚡️DC. After Doctor Victor’s return from their British tour at the end of August, they caught the attention of Dan McCafferty’s music producer and managing director.

This will not be McCafferty’s first solo recording. During his time with Nazareth, he managed to release two titles: Dan McCafferty (1975) and Into the Ring (1987). According to many, he is one of the most prominent and most important voices on the rock and roll scene. So much, in fact, that his unique singing style has influenced stars such as Brian Johnson and Axl Rose.

The young trio of DOCTOR VICTOR, with their dynamic rock arrangements based on distinctive guitar riffs, now faces another challenge in the midst of their very promising musical career – recording an album with one of the greatest rock vocal talents ever. What will come of this meeting of two generations in the Scottish studio that changed the face of rock and roll forever?